Pre Pay Auto Top-Up

Discounted hours up front

Pre Pay Auto Top-Up

With the pre-paid option customers purchase a number of hours of support up front and in bulk. Customers get the benefit of contracted support, whilst also receiving a larger discount the more hours that are purchased up front.

To help a customer estimate the number of hours they would need over a certain period of time we recommend using our three-month trial to create a baseline for support usage in any one month.


  • Reduced hourly charges for more than 1 hour.
  • Pre-paid hours include guaranteed faster response times ensuring your business critical issues are resolved promptly.
  • You will get a statement each month letting you know how many hours you have used and how many you have left, so you will always know your support position.
  • Pre-paid hours are valid for 12 months, so if you have a month with slow IT requirements you have not paid for a service you do not need. The hours are carried over.
  • Out of Hours support available (Additional charges apply).
  • There is a reduced minimum 15-minute charge for remote support, down from 30 minutes.
  • There is a reduced minimum 30-minute charge for on-site support, down from 60 minutes.
  • Hours will be topped up automatically when you go below the designated threshold


  • Minimum 1-hour pre-payment
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