IT security has never been as important as it is today. With hacking hardware and software now easily available, it is critical for businesses to take every precaution to protect themselves from external as well as internal threats.

LightPath IT have over 15 years experience designing and implementing IT security policies for SMB’s. Specifying security solutions requires expert input and as systems become increasingly interconnected, the number of potential threats to your networks and business grow exponentially.

Alongside network security, increased user mobility is opening up a whole new aspect to security. Un-encrypted laptops being lost or stolen is becoming more and more common. Along with USB memory sticks and mobile phones with internal storage, the potential for your data to get in the wrong hands is enormous.

Our in-depth experience ensures that we understand the evolving nature of these threats, and – more importantly – that we understand how best to protect you from new threats as they arise.


  • Hard Drive Encryption

    Hard Drive Encryption
    LightPath IT are a Sophos Partner and we have successfully implemented the SafeGuard Enterprise Device Encryption solution on a number of occasions
    SafeGuard Enterprise gives you the ability to encrypt all of your client hard drives from a single console using a policy based system

    Delivery includes

    • Server installation
    • Policy configuration
    • Planning for recovery
    • Test scenarios
    • Roll out


    As well as implementing the system for you we can manage it afterwards or we are happy to train your internal staff to do this and be available for expert advise if need be

  • Document management solutions

    Document management solutions
    Documents are now a key business resource and storing them on file servers is no longer a viable option for the fast paced world we live in. More and more businesses are migrating to document management systems that help to store, organise and locate documents more efficiently
    Understanding the key aspects of document management and how they relate to your company will help provide you with the best system to suit your needs. While cloud services are the in thing if you are working with large documents that require constant updates you might be better off keeping the system in house.

    LightPath IT can evaluate your needs and help you implement the best system for your company, ensuring no matter which solution you decide on, your data will be stored securely.

    • Server installation
    • Document library planning and best practice
    • Migration of data
    • Search configuration
    • End user training


  • Server storage upgrades and redundancy

    Server storage upgrades and redundancy
    The hardware your services run on is a fundamental part of your IT environment but is often overlooked by smaller companies. As a Dell partner we have access to the latest technology and can help you to decide on the best way to ensure availability of data and what you will need to protect yourself from hardware failure, or worse, a complete system failure.

    • Servers
    • Storage solutions
    • Tape drive or auto changers
    • Offsite backup


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