To compliment any of our support plans LightPath IT offer tailor made services to pro actively check your servers and workstations for potential issues before they occur.

Typical maintenance options could include:

  • Windows Updates on servers and workstations
  • Database size checks, including Exchange and SQL server
  • Early warning on low disk space
  • High memory usage on servers
  • High Network usage
  • Backup maintenance
  • Anti-Virus management
  • Event Log interrogation
  • Onsite health checks
  • Firewall monitoring

Prevention is better than cure. Proactive Support keeps your business critical IT systems running and up to date, as opposed to reacting to system failures. This allows you to focus on your core business and continue working effectively.

Proactive Server Options
We can provide proactive support on a per server basis at the following levels


Option A

Option B

1 Critical & Security OS Updates Full Windows Updates Updates for all server software
2 Alerts for critical server errors Event log interrogation Backup status management
3 Early warning on low disk space Database size checks
4 Memory usage analysis Mail store size checks

For each server you can have just the basic package or you can choose to add Option A and/or Option B as well.

Servers are not the only systems that require Proactive support, we can also manage client anti-virus rollout and updates, desktop and laptop backups, firewall monitoring and management and much more.

For more information on our services, or a tailored quote for your business please feel free to contact us