Microsoft unveils Windows 8 preview

Microsoft has treated developers to a sneak preview of it’s forthcoming release of Windows 8.

Speaking at the company’s ‘Build’ conference, Steven Sinofsky used the keynote presentation to walk attendees through a live demonstration of the new OS, and expand on some of the details about it, but stopped short of revealing when it plans to launch the next generation of it’s flagship operating system.

The new version borrows some features from the increasingly popular Windows Phone operating system, using tiles and apps on an interface that is designed for both conventional PC’s as well as tablets and other touchscreen devices. The new interface called “Metro” uses a simple approach that is more appropriate for touchscreens, as well as working with a mouse and keyboard. Apps are also set to play a larger role, with whole-screen programmes reminiscent of mobile apps, but able to work together and available from a Windows App Store.

Microsoft is keen to capitalise on the success it had with Windows 7. Sinofsky revealed that more than 450 million copies of Windows 7 have been sold since its launch three years ago and that consumer usage of the OS has now overtaken Windows XP.

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